We have all heard that a house that is well maintained will sell faster than one that is not. It's the little things that matter when you sell your house. Statitics show that an empty house takes longer to sell than a house that is occupied. Also, homes that have well landscaped yards tend to sell faster than ones that do not...

With spring being the perfect time to sell a home, here are a few tips to ensure your best chances of selling your home quickly.

Get a head start on landscaping by clearing your flower beds, putting down fresh mulch, and spraying your yard for weeds.

Do a bit of Spring Cleaning... Get old unused items out of the garage and storage spaces. By doing this, you showcase your homes storage capacity and buyers get an idea of where they will put their belongings.

Make sure your home is clean and neat. Don't show your home if it is not ready. Make sure that your carpets are clean and that things are put away. Clutter detracts from your presentation.




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